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Películas y Papeles Especiales S.A.S is a Colombian company with a history of 30 years in the market. Their expertise and perseverance has allowed being at the forefront of developments that the industry has required for process optimization.


One of the developments has been focused on the development of a Synthetic Paper. This paper has been ideal to replace the wax paper in the fast food industry because of its complete impermeability, excellent resistance to fats, its twist and low memory. It gives excellent results for its higher performance and high contribution to environmental conservation.

Another area of development has been the rubber industry where low melting point films must be used, ideal for packing formulations and additives which are added to rubber and plastics, making us a very important local supplier for these industries.


Recently, Películas y Papeles Especiales S.A.S began developing high melting point films (220 ° C) for a great variety of applications that goes from the line of foods: sausages (meat), cooking bags, bags for pasteurization, vacuum packaging bags, high barrier bags etc, to the industrial packaging line in the petrochemical and others.

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